Requirements for Becoming a Pilot

The profession of Pilot receives similar scrutiny very much the same as medicine and other professions that are critical to life and survival of humans. Training is often strenuous with the observation of high standards. Here are the requirements you need to fulfill before being a pilot.


Passion for flight

First, you need to have a special liking for the whole concept of flying. Passion is key to success in everything. Self-discipline, ambition, motivation, pressure tolerance, maturity, spatial awareness and technical aptitude are essential to being a great pilot. Pilots who have shown interest in flying at an early age have been found to be more dedicated than those who didn’t.

Completed and passed secondary education

You need to have passed through the secondary education and passed the relevant exams. This requirement varies depending on the country. Emphasis can begin at the elementary level while other countries tend to consider tertiary education more than the lower levels. Nevertheless, you need to achieve impressive scores in English, Physics, Mathematics and Geography. There exists some partnered or airline-sponsored programs may carry additional educational requirements although this depends on the country and availability of such programs in that particular region.

Medical Certification

You need to be fit and in great health to pass as a pilot. The idea of a pilot developing seizures in the middle of the flight freaks every airline. The advent of the autopilot, however, has made this situation less dreadful. Before training starts, you will be required to under medical examination to test your eyesight, coordination, hearing and the general health. Passing these tests will make you eligible for the coveted Class 1 Medical Certificate. Each and every pilot is needed to have this important certificate in the entirety of the flying career. The local aviation authority may add some extra requirements concerning health. To care for one’s self, here’s a cocoa butter chapstick recipe. It might come in handy when making your own. 

Age, entry requirements and national eligibility

Application for most pilot programs takes place at the age of 17 but actual training begins at 18 years. The issue of terrorism and travel passport complications brings the issue of nationality into the mix. For this reason, most countries will only permit your training if you eligible to live within their borders. Other more specific requirements may be introduced. At least you need to be a citizen by birth or a naturalized citizen in the country and not older than 18 years.


You need to pass the assessment by the aviation the aviation training institution. Assessment is a way of determining whether you’re likely to be a successful pilot or not. Assessment may include personality questionnaires, competency interviews, team exercises, and computer-based aptitude testing.